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What should be paid attention to in patients with high bilirubin

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  The patients with high bilirubin should be light and nutritious. Such as beans, fish, vegetables, fruits and so on, contains a large number of vitamin A, B, C, E, easy to digest and absorb. We should eat more letinous edodes, sesame, walnut, jujube, lean meat, but high bilirubin patients should not eat animal liver food. Hepatitis B patients with high bilirubin, must pay attention to, timely to the regular liver hospital for treatment.
  High bilirubin patients should avoid drinking alcohol, alcohol in the liver damage is very direct. Studies have shown that more than 80% of the heavy drinkers have a certain degree of fatty liver, 10% to 30% can develop alcoholic hepatitis, and 10% to 20% will develop into cirrhosis. I should drink more water, drink plenty of water to add body fluids, improve blood circulation, promote more water can also promote The new supersedes the old., glands, secretion of digestive gland with high bilirubin, bile and pancreatic juice, so conducive to digestion, absorption and elimination of waste, can reduce the metabolites and toxins caused by damage to the liver.
  Patients should be bilirubin on the high side exercise can make the body blood circulation increase, The new supersedes the old., help the liver metabolic wastes, quickly excreted, sweat, which is good for the health of patients with high bilirubin, but also can improve the body's ability to resist disease, so patients with bilirubin on the high side usually more outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking and playing, but it should be noted that people should not exercise the liver is not good.

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