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What is bile acid?

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  Bile acid is an important component of bile, and plays an important role in lipid metabolism. Bile acids mainly exist in the gut and liver circulation system and play a protective role by recycling. Only a small fraction of bile acids enter the peripheral circulation.
  Motive force to promote the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids is the transport system of liver to absorb bile acid and its secretion into bile, gallbladder, small intestine contraction induced by cholecystokinin promote peristalsis of ileal mucosa and blood flow to the active transport of the portal vein.
  At present in the animal medical profession many people to study, study found that bile acid in animal body fat emulsion to expand the contact area with the lipase; regulation of pancreatic lipase and lipoprotein lipase activity to improve the metabolism of fat hydrolysis; transport in intestinal fat, promote the absorption of fat. In addition, bile acid significantly reduced the catabolism of autologous fat by regulating the activity of sensitive lipase. In summary, bile acid can save energy, increase energy utilization, improve growth performance and slaughter performance, and is a positive energy saving resource".

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