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Cholesterol CAS:57-88-5

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  Cholesterol is an important indicator of clinical biochemistry. Under normal conditions, the body produces cholesterol from food and keeps cholesterol levels constant in the blood. When the liver is seriously diseased, the concentration of cholesterol will decrease. Cholesterol levels tend to increase in patients with obstructive jaundice and nephrotic syndrome.
  Standard intake:
  Cholesterol comes mainly from the body's own synthesis, and cholesterol in the food is a minor supplement. As one of the weight of 70kg in adults, about cholesterol 140g, about daily update 1g, which 4/5 in the body metabolism, only 1/5 from the food supplement, per person per day from the uptake of cholesterol in food 200mg, can meet the needs of the body. Cholesterol absorption rate is only 30%, with the increase of food cholesterol content, absorption rate will decline, 200mg is equivalent to 1 eggs cholesterol content or 3-4 eggs cholesterol absorption. It is better to take 50mg~300mg cholesterol every day.

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